miércoles, 30 de enero de 2008

Rocha: En 10 días pasan cosas

En los últimos 10 días ... yo estuve de vacaciones. Hoy me encontré con varias funcionalidades agregadas a la Rocha , mejoras de performance y muchos errores corregidos. Estan disponibles para Beta testers a traves los Night builds.

A destacar:
- Runtime translation!! (Tenga una aplicación, un sitio, un directorio virtual, disponible en multiples idiomas. el costo de traducción es el costo de los literales.). El usuario cambia de idioma con un clic, o ud se lo setea con la función SetLanguage() cuando quiera.
Esto esta disponible ahora para beta test en .NET, próximamente estará en Java y Ruby.

- Se pueden consumir / invocar EJBs (Enterprise Java Beans)!!. Antes solo se podían generar, pero no usar los desarrollados por terceros. Los EJBs a consumir pueden ser 2.x o 3.x y se declaran en la KB como un 'External Object'.

Va todo:
Runtime Translation in .NET ! This function “SetLanguage(LanguageObjectName)” sets the language you want for that session.
New External Object EJB. This means that you can declare and use Enterprise Java Beans developed by others.
New warning “spc0145, 'Calling stored procedure ''%1'' in datastore ''%2'' via the call keyword is deprecated.'”
Object parts, images, files, etc. are saved compressed.
Workspace (open objects) is kept after close/open KB
new reorganizations supported (data that has not been copied in GX 9.0 is now copied. This is associated to rgz0029 message)

Performance improvements:
output window generated messages faster
build process startup time lowered
Memory leaks in build process fixed

conversion: KBs with RPG models couldn’t be converted.
IDE: KBs can be created on a map (network drive) or directly using an UNC path (\\server\share). In order to be able to use this feature, ctreeSqlServer has to be started so that it connects (log on as) with a user that has the required rights to access the network. By default ‘System’ user is used which has no sufficient rights.
IDE: target environment could not be changed
IDE: while opening some KBs the following error appeared: “Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created”
IDE: insert attribute (select object filtered by attributes) dialog displayed all objects
IDE: ‘create database tables’ and ‘undo close document’ options didn’t have icons
pattern workwith: ‘.xls’ was created as a translateable text
spec: spc0043 Is not instantiated in some formulas
spec: where DateAtt in didn’t work
spec: a warning appeared specifying GXLRED
spec / runtime: “java.sql.SQLException: Cannot use 'first' in this context” using formulas in Informix
spec / runtime: some find formulas in for each didn’t work .
spec / runtime: a case where a select was being generated with a formula of another for each
runtime: freestyle grids didn’t show up well in some cases
runtime: isvalid event didn’t work for grid columns.
runtime: listboxes in freestyle grid didn’t work
runtime: validation of dyna combos, check and list boxes didn’t work in web components with URL Access = YES
runtime: suggest (input type description) didn’t work in web panels
runtime: error rule didn’t stop user (worked like a warning)
runtime: nested grids didn’t work
runtime: password attributes were shown with plain text instead of bullets in grids.
runtime: Google search webservice didn’t work (Invalid Location name error)
runtime: checkbox in grid never appear checked
runtime: internal error 500 when having a field with a regular expression in a grid
runtime: default(att 2nd level, att 1st level); didn’t work
compilation: transaction with a Field with suggest that is a recursive subtype didn’t compile (“The parameter name 'A41PostPar' is a duplícate”)
compilation: call to external functions (*.cs) files didn’t compile in .net.
compilation: mod function didn’t compile with decimal arithmetic

Fuente: http://wiki.gxtechnical.com/commwiki/servlet/hwiki?GeneXus+Rocha%2FNight+Builds+Log,